Present your Business

Step - 1

Develop Business Plan

Step - 2

Develop Financial Projections

Step - 3

Create an Email address in your business for us: Example your company is create an email like

Step - 4

Relax and lets VC validate your idea and effort

Follow these Steps to make your desire more successful

  • Create an email on your company name and give us the access to send and receive emails
  • We will send to 100K + investors, VC in your industry not mass emailing but traditonal one by one email (Manully) with your business plan and financial projects representing your company with a cover letter
  • We gurantee 20 + VCs to respond to your Business Plan
  • Help on Business Plan, Power Points and Financials Projects we can do that for $ 50/Hour Additional
  • Cost to do this service is $1999 one time Fees. You can pay 50% upfront and once all emails sent and you receive few response pay remaining.